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Contraceptive advice in English, French, Portuguese and Russian.

A comprehensive site with useful information, covers all aspects of contraception. Reproductive Health Online ReproLine a service of JHPIEGO; an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University (US).

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IPPF: Directory of hormonal contraceptives

Would you like to know if you can find injectable contraceptives in Greece or implants in India? The answer can be found in the first searchable, worldwide, on-line database of hormonal contraceptives; also lists contraceptives by brand, composition, country, manufacturer and type.

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Meeting the reproductive health needs of refugees

An article by the program for appropriate technology in health, in Outlook 17(4):1-5, 1999.
This review article describes how conditions faced by displaced populations undermine their health and outlines the response of relief organizations. Different services are needed during each phase of a refugee situation. Actively involving the refugee community, tapping local resources and the expertise of the wider public health community, and increasing coordination between relief agencies can improve the effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of reproductive health services for refugees.

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World religions and contraception

Overview of the debates on the right to contraception and abortion in 10 world religions.

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Islam and family life, sexuality and contraception

The site gives a brief sketch of what the family means for Muslims living as minority communities in the West. They discuss the subjects of marriage, sex and contraception -issues integral to family life.

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Islam, Women and Family Planning: A Primer

An article by Heather Boonstra (2001).
Islamic thought is flexible on reproductive matters, and political interpretations of Muslim law are as varied as the countries that make up the Muslim world. By and large, however, Islam is permissive of family planning, and many Muslim countries have active population and family planning programs.

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FPA (Family planning web site)

FPA (formerly The Family Planning Association) is the only registered charity working to improve the sexual health and reproductive rights of all people throughout the UK. They work with the public and professionals to ensure high quality information and services are available to everyone who needs them. Site includes contraceptive and planned parenthood advice (written in English), campaigns and family planning clinic.FPA's aim is to advance the sexual health, reproductive rights and choices of all people throughout the UK.

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Emergency contraceptive pills: information in French, Spanish and English

IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Association). This section contains information on the currently available male and female contraceptive methods. The material includes reference material and training tools such as presentation graphics with trainer notes.

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UNHCR: Birth spacing and health care for refugee women

A short article which offers an introductory summary of the issues.
Type the article title in 'search' on UNHCR homepage: link below.

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The Reproductive Health Outlook: family planning in low resource settings

This section focuses on how to make high-quality family planning services accessible to women and men in low-resource settings by improving program management. Browse this site to view current thinking about the best way to design and implement a family planning program. Includes summaries of research on management challenges, information about service delivery issues, links to online resources, and examples of approaches being used to improve the delivery of family planning services.

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NHS Direct: Contraception

Information and introduction to contraception plus how contraceptives work, and useful links.

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NHS: Playing safely

Provides information on what you could have, where to get emergency help, contraception and expert advice.

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FPA: Religion and contraception

This fact sheet aims to demonstrate the spectrum of attitudes and beliefs of people with faith and religious tradition to family planning and the use of contraception. The distinction between religious and cultural values needs to be recognised. Different cultures have customs concerning sexuality and relationships, which, although related to religion, may not be inherently religious.
Outlines the perspectives of 12 religions.

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Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions (Book)

Author: Daniel C. Maguire
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Press
ISBN: 0800634330
Click on link below for details and reviews.

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Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics

The Religious Consultation (TRC) is an international, multi-faith network of progressive feminist religious scholars and leaders. They seek out the positive, renewable moral energies of our faith traditions, directing them to the issues of population, consumption, ecology, reproductive health and the empowerment of women.

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