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Resources Concerning Sexually Transmissible Infections

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Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Society of Health Advisers in Sexually Transmitted Diseases

SHASTD is a UK national organisation with approximately 300 members out of an estimated 350 health advisers in the country. It provides an opportunity for members to meet and work towards further professional development. Information on research, good practice, newsletter, group meetings, etc.

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Health Protection Agency

Provides information and facts on sexually transmitted infections.

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BMJ: sexually transmitted infections - other than HIV / AIDS

BMJ collected resources and articles on sexually transmitted infections - other than HIV / AIDS.
Available to read on-line.

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WHO: fact sheet on sexually transmitted infections

Factsheet No 249.

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Controlling STDs/HIV within dynamic refugee settings

An article by Paula Nersesian and Bill Brady in Refugee Participation Network 20 (Nov 1995). After briefly reviewing the factors that increase the risk of STIs and HIV in displaced populations, this article discusses how to tailor successful approaches to STI and HIV control to refugee settings. Emphasis is placed on addressing STI/HIV transmission in the initial stages of an emergency, using syndromic approaches to STI management, and building an adequate logistical system to procure, store, and distribute drugs. Mainly for emergency settings but some material is transferable.

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Nationwide GUM & FP Clinics

Listings for local Genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics and Family Planning clinics across the United Kingdom.

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Department of Health: Sexual health and HIV strategy

Site includes information and downloadable leaflets on topics such as: condoms; self esteem; general sexual health promotion; gay and bisexual men; young people; women and girls; men, young men and boys; black and minority ethnic communities, African communities, drug users, disabilities, learning difficulties plus guidance for doctors and other health professionals, professionals on the provision of advice & treatment to young people under 16 on contraception, sexual & reproductive health and teenage pregnancy.

CLICK ON Policies and Guidance and then type 'sexual health' into search engine.

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NHS Direct: Sexual health

Provides a list of most frequently asked questions, with answers. Plus a directory of clinics. Mostly relating to sexually transmitted diseases.

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