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Addressing the oral health needs of newly arrived refugee families will contribute to their physical, social, and mental well being. Many asylum seekers have problems finding a dentist, as they often do not understand our system, or know if they are eligible for NHS treatment. Some asylum seekers may have severe dental problems due to torture and they may require dental health education for their children. Many asylum seekers will also require translation services as a dentist will want to take a medical history of conditions that may have an impact on dental treatment; conditions such as heart problems, hepatitis, or medication. Anecdotal evidence from health workers suggests that some dentists are unwilling to accept asylum seekers as patients. In some areas, health workers and voluntary agencies have 'befriended' particular dental practices to help their client's access services. In other areas, the community dental services have supported asylum seekers. To claim free dental treatment, your client should have an HC2 (they will need to fill out an HC1 first and then an HC2 will be returned to them).

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