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BDA: Refugee Dentists

The British Dental Association is undertaking several projects in order to support refugee dentists in the UK. Refugee dentists face a number of obstacles when they wish to work as a dentist in the UK. They can feel very demoralised with the re-qualification process as well as being in a new country. Supporting dentists who are willing and able to work in this country is humane as well as an effective use of a valuable resource, especially as there is a shortage of dentists in the UK.

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The National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education

The centre provides UK and overseas dentists with information and advice on postgraduate dental education and training in the UK.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 10:50]

Information on work permits, registration etc.

Relevant information on work permits, registration, etc.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 10:51]

Chief Dental Officer for Wales - dental vocational training.

Since the demise of the Committee for Vocational Training for England and Wales, this site has been established as an authoritative source of advice.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 10:51]

Committee on Vocational Training for England and Wales

Site offers a summary of guidance and regulations for overseas dentists.

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The British Dental Association

The BDA regularly receives enquiries from overseas-qualified dentists wishing to work in the UK. Site provides contacts and some information.

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General Dental Council

In order to practise in the UK, qualified dentists must register with the regulatory authority. This site has been produced to introduce foreign dental graduates to UK dental practice and offer advice on entry. Further help/ information is available from the General Dental Council on request.

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Employing an overseas dentist: British Dental Journal

Ulrike Matthesius provides an overview of the different ways in which dentists who qualified outside the UK can register and can be employed.
British Dental Journal (2004); 35-36.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 10:52]

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