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Cancer Black Care

Cancer Black Care offers information; advice; counselling; monthly support group meetings; monthly group relaxation classes; advocacy and interpretation; training and cultural awareness to health care and allied health care professionals; community education via open health forums outreach work; grant and benefit advice. London-based.

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Asian Cancer-line (Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, English)

The organisation provides emotional support and information on all aspects of cancer for people with cancer, their partners, families, friends and the professionals who work with them. Telephone 0800 590 415 (Mon 10am.-1pm & Fri. 10am.-4pm.)
Freephone Asian Cancer Information Line
0800 591 028 in Hindi, Bengali, Gujerati, Urdu and English.
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Asian-Islamic Women and Breast Cancer Screening: A Socio-Cultural Analysis

This article explores religious and socio-cultural issues relevant to breast cancer screening practices among older immigrant Asian-Islamic women in the U.S.

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African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

Its aim is to register as many 18 to 45 year old potential life savers of African, African Caribbean and Mixed Parentage descent onto the UK Bone Marrow Register.
The objective is to try and help save the lives of Black people across the world, who urgently require a transplant from a matching donor from their own ethnic/ racial group.
PO Box 670, Croydon CR9 5DP Tel: 020 8667 1122

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Attitudes Toward Cervical Cancer Screening Among Muslim Women: a pilot study (US)

Immigrant Muslim women have low rates of health care utilisation, especially preventive care such as breast exams, mammograms, and cervical cancer screening. Religious and cultural beliefs, such as the value placed on modesty and premarital virginity, contribute to reluctance to seek health care.

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