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Asylum seekers are expected to claim asylum as they enter the UK, although it is also possible to claim asylum in country. The Home Office require asylum seekers to provide evidence to support their claim in two main ways. These are by completing a Statement of Evidence Form (SEF) and by means of a face-to-face interview with an immigration officer or an asylum caseworker. Other documents may be provided if the applicant wishes and, if so, they must be translated into English. Most applicants will be given a SEF to complete and return to IND within 10-working days. The SEF must be completed in English. If the SEF is not returned in time, the application may be considered to have been withdrawn.
The British Government grants Full Refugee Status (FRS) to those it considers to fulfil the criteria of the Refugee Convention. It also grants Exceptional Leave to Remain (ELR), usually for three years, and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) to other asylum seekers whom it considers merit protection, but who do not meet the criteria of the Convention. This can be offered to all those coming from a country in which there is a clear breakdown in government. It can also be offered on compassionate grounds, for example to those "Where there is credible medical evidence that return would result in substantial damage to the physical or psychological health of the applicant or his dependents. In cases of doubt, a second opinion should be sought from a credible source." It is therefore essential that where this aspect applies in a case then applicants ensure that full and detailed representations are made to the Home Office and that a "credible" medical report is supplied as evidence in support. Requests for the medical documentation of allegations of torture are best made by the applicant's legal representative.

Government information on asylum

Home Office: the Immigration and Nationality Department offer a brief introduction - see also vital resources on HARP.

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