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Childrens Legal Centre: What are the entitlements of the nationals of EU accession states to further education in the UK?

The CLC provide information and links regarding this question.

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Refugee Council: asylum seekers and EU accession countries

On 1 May 2004, the European Union (EU) expanded from 15 to 25 members. This briefing (June 2004) explains how enlargement of the EU affects nationals of the ten accession countries currently seeking asylum in the UK, and how advisers should seek legal advice in individual cases.

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Accession Country Nationals

A letter from the National Asylum Seeker Support Service (NASS) which sets out the position of nationals from the Accession Countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta) in relation to NASS support or interim Provisions support. From 1 May 2004, nationals from these countries will no longer be eligible for this support. The letter sets out the 3 options they will have:
-Register as workers under the new scheme. They will then be eligible for certain in work DWP benefits and social housing; Remain in the UK as jobseekers but becoming self-supporting;
-Leave the UK. Local Authorities will have powers to provide temporary accommodation to families, and to make travel arrangements for their country of origin to both families and singles.
-Unaccompanied asylum seeking children are not affected
-Once asylum seeker status is removed from an applicant from the Accession Countries they are no longer eligible for free NHS treatment (i.e. treatment where a charge can't be made, e.g. to see a GP, or hospital treatment) unless they qualify under another exemption. If the former asylum seeker was to register under the new registration scheme and find legal employment for example then they would qualify for free treatment.
-HC2s apply to treatment where a charge can be made e.g. for NHS prescriptions, NHS dental treatment. If an HC2 has been issued legitimately, it can be used until it runs out. But it does not provide access to any treatment. Once the holder is no longer an asylum seeker, s/he can make a low income claim and declare their full circumstances.
-If you have any queries, please NASS Policy dept. on 0208 633 0160.

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Home Office: Accession State Nationals

The Accession Treaty gave nationals from the ten new Member States the right to travel freely across the European Union allowing them to visit, live and study in any Member State. Nationals from all ten new Member States are able to pursue activities as selfemployed persons in any Member State and nationals from Malta and Cyprus are able
to work in any Member State. Information from the IND, Home Office.

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