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Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Identifying models of good practice in refugee dispersal and concentration

This project was undertaken by an international team of senior academics and research assistants from the University of Swansea, Wales and Uppsala University, Sweden and Amsterdam University, the Netherlands. Some dispersal policies in European countries have been evaluated by academics, but this was the first project that makes cross-national comparisons with the aim of consolidating knowledge and identifying models of good practice.

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DfES: Supporting the Education of Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children

The website has been developed by the Home Office and the DfES. It promotes the integration of refugee children and families, in and through educational settings. The website is designed for the range of professionals working with children and young people. It provides information, guidance and examples of effective practice (2006).

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DfES: Support materials for ESOL providers

This pack is intended to provide information and training materials for all organisations and teachers offering English language provision to refugees and asylum seekers in the post-compulsory education sector. It is primarily aimed at those organisations with little experience of this work. Scroll down to locate appropriate section.

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Refugee Council: Information Service

A guide for anyone working with refugees or asylum seekers. Provides information, best practice and relevant case studies in English, an essential reference tool. Updated 2007.

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Good Practice in Mental Health and Social Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (2002)

The aim of the project was to explore the possibilities for exchange of information and expertise between EU countries concerning the mental health and social care of asylum seekers and refugees. This study covers the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. It surveys the situation of asylum seekers and refugees in each country and the service provisions that have been developed for them.

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DH: Caring for dispersed asylum seekers (2002)

This resource pack is aimed at helping local health and social care agencies to meet the needs of asylum seekers who are dispersed to their areas. Key concepts and entitlements are set out along with examples of good practice.

Link [Last update: 2007-04-16; 11:12]

Home Office: Asylum seekers in dispersal : healthcare issues.

This report includes chapters on health needs of asylum seekers; interpretation and translation; the impact of dispersal on healthcare services and implications to providers; accessibility of health care services; and the training needs of medical staff.

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