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Children and prostitution: how can we measure and monitor the commercial sexual exploitation of children?

Paper by Judith Ennew, Kusum Gopal, Janet Heeran and Heather Montgomery (1996). Published by UNICEF. Headquarters, New York, Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances Section, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge and Childwatch International.

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Police research series paper 125 stopping traffic: exploring the extent of, and responses to, trafficking in women for sexual exploitation in the UK

Article by Liz Kelly and Linda Regan: Police Research Series Paper 125. Scroll down page to locate article.

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Asylum Support

This site provides up-to-date news, articles and information regarding human trafficking.

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UNIFEM: Trafficking kit

Available for downloading is the joint UNIFEM/UNIAP kit, Trafficking in Persons: A Gender Rights Perspective. There are more downloads on the Gender resources page. Access from the link below and scroll down to bottom of page.

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People trafficking: Europe's new problem

Detailed article by Zoran Kusovac (2000).

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Criminal justice resources: human trafficking

US resource offering a wide range of articles on human trafficking around the world. Michigan State University Library.

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Trafficking in Human Beings: The Slavery that Surrounds Us

By Ann Jordan, Initiative Against Trafficking in Persons: International Human Rights Law Group. Nongovernmental organizations, such as the International Human Rights Law Group, have been instrumental in raising global concern about human trafficking.

Link [Last update: 2005-07-15; 14:28]

Globalized, Wired, Sex Trafficking In Women And Children

Includes chapters on: exploitation of women from developing countries; public health ills of trafficking; human rights violations and trafficking; Russian and Ukrainian trafficked women; prostitution as violence against women;
wired trafficking; being trafficked is not voluntary but is a desperate act; lack of rule of law and trafficked women; trafficking and international law and institutions.

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The Health Risks and Consequences of Trafficking in Women and Adolescents

A European study.This report represents the findings of a two-year multicountry study on women’s health and trafficking to the European Union. Interviews were conducted by researchers in Albania, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the United Kingdom with women who had been trafficked, health care and other service providers, NGOs working against trafficking, law enforcement officials, and policymakers.
Includes: Human Rights Analysis of Health and Trafficking and Principles for Promoting the Health Rights of Trafficked Women

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