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The Samaritans

'Attempted suicide, parasuicide and deliberate self -harm are all terms which are often used interchangeably. They all describe non-fatal acts of self-harm, which arise for a variety of different reasons. "Suicidal" people have varying degrees of the wish to die, and different suicidal acts can involve different degrees of risk to life'
The Samaritans is a voluntary agency who offer support.

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Befrienders International (help available in 14 languages)

BI is a network of 357 befriending centres world-wide. Maintained by The Samaritans. Centres are run by trained volunteers and offer a service that is free, non-judgmental and completely confidential. People are befriended by telephone, in face-to-face meetings, by letter and by email. It has member centres in 41 countries and the head office is in London.

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University of Wales: health evidence bulletins (mental disorders including suicide)

Health evidence bulletins are published the university of Wales. The bulletins "act as signposts to the best current evidence" in the subject area. This document addresses the management of mental disorders such as personality disorders, delirium, dementia, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, major depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and suicide.

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Royal College of Psychiatrists: Suicide and attempted suicide. Factsheet 9.

For parents and teachers, this factsheet is part of their mental health and growing up series. 3rd edition.

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Suicide in asylum seekers and refugees

The Dept of Health has recently released a consultation document entitled National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England. Suicide is a major public health issue, with around 5000 people killing themselves every year. The document describes those most at risk, and sets out objectives to reduce the number of suicides.

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MIND: Suicide

Information on: Suicide prevention strategies
Suicide and gender; in young people; in older people; and race; and sexuality; and substance misuse; and mental distress; following deliberate self-harm; in prisons; in rural areas; and the media plus attitudes towards suicide; attempted suicide; prediction of suicide risk. The effect of suicide on others.

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NHS Direct: Suicide

Provides general information on facts, risks and prevention.

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