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Languages of the World

The UNESCO Education Sector has prepared a World Languages Map, as an illustration of the linguistic diversity of the world, as well as a tool that contains practical information on the languages spoken throughout the countries of the world. The map is based on the second edition of the World Cultural Report 2000 The information has been taken from Table 6: Cultural Practices and Heritage: Leading Languages that shows the official and the leading languages in daily use of the different countries.

Link [Last update: 2007-04-18; 12:37]

Ethnologue Country Index

A comprehensive listing of spoken languages throughout the world. This Ethnologue database includes 6,912 living languages.

Link [Last update: 2007-04-18; 12:30]

The 30 Most Spoken Languages of the World

A simple table of these languages provided by Krysstal.

Link [Last update: 2007-04-18; 12:35]

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