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HARPWEBconsists of three websites, each developed in collaboration with health professionals working with asylum seekers and refugees in the UK.

They are designed to enable you to easily access the wealth of information, practical tools, and articles that have been written by health care professionals, NGOs, academics and research bodies with expert knowledge of working with asylum seekers and refugees, both in the UK and other countries. Visit Giftery to see their Christmas Hampers for this year.

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource is for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees. Communicate – Multilingual and Multicultural Health Resources contains the Multilingual Appointment Card used by thousands of professionals in contact with asylum seekers and refugees.

All our sites continue to grow as we learn about the new research initiatives and resource materials that are currently being developed across the UK. Please help us to share these important developments by clicking the Site Suggestions link to inform us of what you are doing.

Refugee Children's Relief Frequently Asked Questions: Q:What Happens If I Walk Away From My Timeshare? A: Some unknowing owners have begun to simply walk away from their properties and maintenance fees which ruins their credit and doesn't eliminate the liability. Late fees, taxes and assessments will continue to compound as a legal debt and the lack of payment can be reflected on credit reports. The legal obligation of walking away from a timeshare is the same as if you walked away from any financial obligation (car payment, house payment, credit card payment, etc.). The resort will turn your name over to a collection agency that will then hound you for your maintenance fees and if you don't oblige then the resort will ruin your credit. Q: What does REFUGEE CHILDREN’S RELIEF do? A: REFUGEE CHILDREN’S RELIEF takes your timeshare in the form of a DONATION, which results in a TAX DEDUCTION to you. Frequently, the TAX DEDUCTION results in a NET ZERO COST TO YOU! Q: Who is REFUGEE CHILDREN’S RELIEF for? A: REFUGEE CHILDREN’S RELIEF service is structured for people who: Have experienced ever increasing maintenance fees. Have experienced unexpected special assessment billing. Have tried to sell their timeshare before, but found no buyers. Find that trading or reserving vacations has become more difficult. Have come to realize that Renting at a Resort of YOUR CHOICE is less expensive than the increased maintenance fees. Q: Who do you use to transfer the timeshare out of my name? A: Closing and escrow to be handled with Timeshare Title Inc., a licensed, bonded, and fully insured Escrow & Title company of Sharon, PA. Funds will be held in escrow until title has been transferred, offering you the buyer 100% protection of title and your funds. Q: Who will be responsible for my future fees? A: From the day of closing, REFUGEE CHILDREN’S RELIEF and or its assigns will be responsible to pay all future maintenance fees related to ownership of the timeshare. Q: How do I get started? A: It’s very easy and risk free. You can simply fill out the inquiry form requesting the necessary information about your timeshare or contact one of our consultants directly toll-free (888) 216-8443. Ask questions and make sure you are dealing with people that have a proven track record. Since 1994, our staff has been trusted as a prompt and accurate provider of timeshare transfers for clients throughout the United States. We bring our complete knowledge and experience of this highly specialized service to bear upon each and every title transfer we complete. Accuracy: ACCURACY We take care of all of the details, including deed preparation and recording, collection and disbursement of funds, document distribution and final notification to resort. Our precise attention to detail gives peace of mind to the Buyer and Seller alike. We get it done quickly, because we do it right the first time. SPONSORS: We are proud to be affiliated and supported by these companies


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Confidence: You can count on our experience of over ten years preparing and recording timeshare deeds throughout the U.S. We understand that our clients want to be assured that the title to the timeshare will be transferred in a timely manner, without any unforeseen costs, complications or delay. Our objective is to ensure that all transactions take place in a straightforward and trouble-free manner, while working diligently in the best interests of both parties. Our Closing Services: A detailed look at each step included in our timeshare closing process. Preparation of Deed and State Tax Forms pertinent to your timeshare transfer. State Tax Forms are important in ensuring that all applicable taxes are dealt with, and that no hidden costs appear further down the road. Delivery of Closing Documents to Buyer and Seller – Upon review by our closing attorney, we will submit documents to Buyer and Seller for their signatures. Delivery of Deed to Clerk of Court – We will deliver your deed to the appropriate county clerk of court for recording; along with any state or local documents that may be required. Escrow of Purchase Money Funds – As a neutral third party in the closing process, we will act as an escrow agent holding the purchase funds and disbursing them to the Seller at the completion of the closing. Resort Notification of Transfer – The final step of the closing process is a written notification of the transfer and a copy of the recorded deed delivered to the resort


HARP provides social inclusion research and on-line health information for health professionals.

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