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Scene but unseen: Reducing the vulnerabilities of migrant men who have sex with men to HIV and poor sexual health.

Terence Higgins Trust - two courses -
Training for migrant organisations and Training for gay menís health promoters.
Course ONE:
Training for migrant organisations
London, Tuesday 24 June 2008
Cardiff, Tuesday 1 July 2008
Birmingham, Wednesday 9 July 2008
Leeds, Tuesday 22 July 2008
Course TWO:
Training for gay menís health promoters
London,Wednesday 25 June 2008
Cardiff,Wednesday 2 July 2008
Birmingham,Thursday 10 July 2008
Leeds,Wedneday 23 July 2008
The training is for people in organisations working with or supporting migrants, whether or not they directly engage with men who have sex with men, and for those working in gay menís health promotion.
If you have any specific questions regarding the content of the training or need an application form then please contact
Paul Dobb on 020 7812 1808 or [email protected]
Places on courses are FREE. In the event of non-attendance at a training session without at least
24 hours prior notice of cancellation, a £50 administration charge will be incurred.
We will notify you by email of your place on a training course. If there are no places left, we will offer you alternative dates where available and/or place you on a waiting list.
We are offering two different training courses around the needs of migrant men who have sex with
men, in four locations throughout England and Wales.

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Immigration Law Practitioners' Association

Immigration Law Practitioners' Association training programmes are available online at the link below (click on training).

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Refugee Council: events and training

Please find a list of Refugee Council's events, training and conferences at the link below.

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The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture

Subscribe to their newsletter to receive latest news and information on training and conferences.

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