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Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Africare: caring for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS

Africare works for the preservation and protection of health, relief of sickness and the advancement of education amongst African children and their families and carers affected by HIV/AIDS; particularly by the provision of culturally sensitive domiciliary child care including other services. London based.

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The Asian Language Project online AIDS information resource

The site provides free, downloadable information on various AIDS- and HIV-related topics targeted towards at-risk and affected Asian populations. Site text and links are in English, and many of the documents archived are in native Asian languages.

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Islamic Medicine Centre AIDS: the role of Islamic sexual rules in prevention

An article by Dr. Abdul Wahab Noorwali and Dr. Anwar A. R. El-Awad in Saudi Arabia.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:26]

The impact of Islam and its teachings on preservation of individual and public health

An article by Dr. Ahmed Shawky Al-Fangary, Kuwait (see section on sexual health).

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:26]

Islam and psychological and sexual issues

A wide range of online resources and links.

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The Jewish AIDS Trust

This website provides the Jewish community with education, counselling and support in connection with HIV infection and AIDS.

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London lesbian and gay switchboard

This is a voluntary organisation, which aims to provide a 24-hour information, support and referral service for lesbians and gay men from all backgrounds throughout the United Kingdom.

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Mainliners is a registered national HIV charity working with ex and current injecting drug users, commercial sex workers and others directly affected by these and other issues such as hepatitis. They are a voluntary organisation and their work targets those who are most vulnerable because of their injecting drug use, health, social and economic status. There is a translation of this site in French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:27]

Gay Chat UK

An introductory information resource, for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people on HIV.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:27]

Positive Care Link

To protect the health and relieve the sickness of persons, particularly those from East and Central Africa, who suffer from HIV or AIDS. No website.
4 Paradise Row, Bethnal Green, London. E2 9PL Telephone. 020 7613 7700.

[Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:27]

Blackliners (African, Caribbean and Asian)

Resources and support for African, Caribbean and Asian people with HIV and AIDS.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:28]

The Naz Project

Naz Project, London provides sexual health and HIV prevention and support services to South Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Horn of African and Latin American Communities.
Information available in 13 languages.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:28]

A Guidebook for Resettlement Agencies Serving Refugees with HIV/AIDS

A US resource but useful insights for UK agencies.

Link [Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:29]

HIV Prevention and African Communities Living in England

The framework is a response to the need for a co-ordinated approach to HIV prevention that involves the statutory sector, the voluntary sector and African community organisations.

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National African AIDS Helpline

Telephone: 0800 0967 500
Open Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm.
All calls are free and confidential and are available in English, French, Shona, Swahili and Luganda.

[Last update: 2006-01-16; 11:32]

AIDS & Mobility Europe

AIDS & Mobility Europe (A&M;) is a network for the support of European organisations that provides HIV/AIDS prevention and care to mobile and migrant populations. A&M; pays special attention to young migrant people.

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