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Communicate - multilingual appointment card

Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Refugee Action: information on policies

A range of leaflets in several languages on policy topics such as: Section 4 support ; Family support withdrawal (Section 9); Support options after a final asylum refusal; Offence of being undocumented (Section 2); Sodexho helpline (tokens); family amnesty and refugee women rights.

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Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002

Link to the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum (NIA) Act which heralds wide-ranging reforms of UK immigration policy.

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Home Office: 'Secure Borders, Safe Haven'

The White Paper "Secure Borders, Safe Haven: Integration with Diversity in Modern Britain" was published 2002. It sets out a coherent strategy for nationality, immigration and asylum.

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The Refugee Council

Provides links to briefings, news on policies, responses to policies, reports and articles.

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Home Office: Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

States that main features of the UK asylum system are all claims receive a fair hearing. Fast track processes mean that some claims (and subsequent appeals) are dealt with in about four weeks. Claimants may be detained for all or part of that time.

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Immigration and Nationality Directorate

In the left hand column of this page is a link to 'law and policy' from the Home Office regarding refugees and asylum seekers.

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Asylum Law in the UK

Information from Asylum Support.
Links to all relevant acts and policies; updated national and international immigration news.

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NASS Policy Bulletins

List of updated bulletins regarding government policy supplied by Asylum Support.

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Refugee and asylum seekers' children: education policy

Government policy is that children from asylum seeking and refugee backgrounds are given the same opportunities as all other children to access education. LEAs have a legal duty to ensure that education is available for all children of compulsory school age in their area, appropriate to age, ability and aptitudes and any Special Educational Needs they may have. This duty applies irrespective of a child's immigration status or rights of residence.

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Asylum Policy Information

This site is a source of up to date news for all researchers and practitioners with an interest in asylum policy.

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Asylum Statistics: United Kingdom 2005

Information on figures for asylum numbers in the UK for 2005 from the Home Office.

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HMSO: Section 4

Immigration and Asylum (Provision of Accommodation to Failed Asylum-Seekers) Regulations 2005.

Link [Last update: 2007-01-05; 12:19]

Provision of accommodation to failed asylum-seekers.

Explanatory memo to the Immigration and Asylum re: Section 4 support. 2005.

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