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Communicate - multilingual appointment card

Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

DH: Table of Entitlement of NHS Treatment (updated Oct 2007)

This site provides links to:
Entitlement to NHS treatment (asylum seekers /refugees);
Caring for Asylum Seekers:a resource pack; Patient-held record for for asylum-seekers and refugees.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:49]

DH: How to get help with health costs Form HC11

This form is available on this page in various languages. Scroll down to locate.
The page also includes information on other costs relating to the NHS.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:50]

BMA: Access to health care for asylum seekers

The BMA produced guidance notes in response to queries from doctors treating asylum seekers. Please note it was developed in 2001 but the web links have been updated.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:51]

Secure Borders, Safe Haven: Integration with diversity in modern Britain 2002

The Home Office offers direct access to this government White Paper 2002 on asylum seekers.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:53]

Home Office: Medical policy documents relating to asylum

Links to:
Policy Bulletin 43 - HC2 certificates
Policy Bulletin 59 - Help with the cost of funerals
Policy Bulletin 61 - Pregnancy
Policy Bulletin 85 - Dispersing asylum seekers with health care needs
Policy Bulletin 19 - Medical foundation for the care of victims of torture

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:54]

DH: Asylum seekers and refugees

The DH's Asylum Seeker Co-ordination Team (ASCT) co-ordinates healthcare policy for asylum seekers and refugees, contact details are available at the bottom of the page. This page provides links to:
LAC (2005)15: Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children - Leaving care costs: 2004-2005 - Contingency fund payments (2005);
Caring for dispersed asylum seekers: a resource pack (2003);
Entitlement to NHS treatment (2006);
Introduction to the National Health Service (2005) available in 40 languages;
Patient-held record for for asylum-seekers and refugees;
ASCT newsletters.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:55]

Black Health Initiative: NHS services for asylum seekers in the UK

This resource was developed to assist staff to enable asylum seekers to access translated information on Health Services in England, there are National Guides for the whole of the UK (and also Regional Guides specific to the Leeds area. Languages: English, Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Lingala, Ndebele, Portuguese, Pashto, Shona, Somali, Swahili, Tigreau, Urdu.
Topics include: The NHS, Emergency Health Services, GP/ Doctors Surgeries, NHS Direct, Other Health Services and Accessing Interpreters plus details of hospitals, dentists and GP's in Leeds.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:55]

Health and Human Rights - English and Spanish

This site has 600 English and 200 Spanish links related to health and human rights topics.

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