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Rights Of Unaccompanied Minors

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Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Home Office: Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

This site offers detailed information concerning unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Including details on definitions; applications; involving social service departments; appeals; policies and entitlements; citizenship dispersal and much more. An important document if you work with unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:39]

The Refugee Council

Type 'unaccompanied children' into the internal search engine at the link below for the latest information on the process and support for unaccompanied children.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:42]

Save the Children: Working with separated children - field guide

This publication looks at: how to organise a programme to trace relatives; how to organise interim care for children awaiting tracing; finding long-term care for children whose families cannot be traced; how to prevent family separations from happening.
It comprises a field guide and training manual.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:44]

The Children's Rights Alliance

CRAE is an alliance of over 170 organisations committed to promoting children's human rights. One section offers a wide range of links to resources including NGOs, governmental agencies, advocacy.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:45]

The Children's Legal Centre

CLC provides notes and guidance on government policy regarding unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:45]

Guidance on accommodating Children in Need

Local Authority Circular BAC (2002) 13
Provides guidance to Local Authority Social Services Departments regarding their responsibilities to families of children in need and to lone children in light of amendments to Sections 17 and 22 of the Children's Act 1989.

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:47]

Health care

The CLC answers questions such as:
Who can consent to the medical treatment of an asylum seeking child who is unaccompanied or separated from his/her parents?
Are refugee and asylum seeking children entitled to free health care?
Are refugee and asylum seeking children entitled to help with health costs?

Link [Last update: 2007-11-09; 10:48]

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