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The Rights Of Asylum Seekers

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Communicate - multilingual appointment card

Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Dept of Constitutional Affairs: Human Rights

This site contains information about the Human Rights Act and the rights and freedoms protected by the Act. There is also information about UK involvement in international human rights treaties.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:53]

The Refugee Council: UK asylum laws and processes

The Refugee Council gives up to date summaries and articles regarding the laws and process of seeking asylum plus further links.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:54]

The Refugee Council: support and entitlement

The Refugee Council offers guides and resources to asylum seekers and refugees, community groups and health professionals.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:55]

Asylum support information: asylum law in the UK

Details of legislation/ asylum law that affects asylum seekers and their families, this page is updated regularly.

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Refugee Action: Rights

Refugee Action produces a number of leaflets providing advice to asylum seekers and those working with asylum seekers in up to 26 languages. Information includes:
Section 4 support for failed Iraqi asylum seekers; Family support withdrawal (Section 9); Section 4 support (general); Support options after a final asylum refusal; Offence of being undocumented (Section 2); Sodexho helpline (re tokens); Family amnesty ; Refugee women: know your rights.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:56]

The Refugee Council: news

The Refugee Council offers information, articles and summaries of the changes to the asylum system.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:57]

ECRE: European asylum systems: legal and social conditions for asylum seekers and refugees in Western Europe

This resource gives an overview of the asylum procedure, the rights afforded to and the social conditions experienced by asylum seekers in 16 countries in Europe.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:57]

Your Human Rights: A guide for refugees and asylum seekers

British Institute of Human Rights (June 2006)
This guide provides practical information about human rights, and their relevance for refugees and asylum seekers. It is written directly for refugees and asylum seekers. It will also be useful for people working in the asylum and immigration sector, or those wanting to learn more about the impact of human rights on refugees and asylum seekers.
Please note that this guide is not legal advice. If you need advice please see the useful contacts section of the guide for sources of information and advice.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:58]

UNHCR: 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol

The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees is the key legal document in defining who is a refugee, their rights and the legal obligations of states. The 1967 Protocol removed geographical and temporal restrictions from the Convention.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 15:59]

The Asylum Support Regulations 2000

Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 704. (April 2000); came into force on 3rd April 2000.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 16:00]

Legal Services Commission: immigration and asylum policy

Offers information, guidance, updates on the policy and the law regarding immigration and asylum policy.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 16:01]

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

This website lists advisers who are regulated by the OISC. The service is available in 22 languages.

Link [Last update: 2008-03-05; 16:02]

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