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Communicate - multilingual appointment card

Local resources - UK database of important local resources

Harp Mental Health and Well-being Resource - website for health professionals involved in assisting asylum seekers and refugees

Muslim Council of Britain: employees

Outlines the factors that need to be considered in providing prayer facilities for Muslim employees.

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Education Action International: Refugee Education and Training Advisory Service

Refugee Education and Training Advisory Service (RETAS)
RETAS offers information, advice and guidance on education, training and employment for refugees, particularly for health professionals and engineers.
Click on link below and then on 'RETAS' in left hand column.

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Refugees Online

This is an extensive resource list. It covers specific community organisations and projects across the UK- listed by A-Z and by region. This site has resources for asylum seekers/ refugees and lists education courses.

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Refugee Council: training and employment

The training and employment section of the Refugee Council opens a route into gainful employment for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK by offering vocational training courses that can lead to employment or higher education.

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Home Office: Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Government information on entry visas and work permits, application process and policies.

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Site to support refugees who are qualified health professionals
ROSE aims to provide an on-line one stop shop service for refugee and other internationally qualified health professionals as well as agencies and employers. This is to respond to the need for refugee and internationally qualified health professionals to have better access to information and advice networks in order to progress more quickly through the re-qualification routes and access employment opportunities in the health service.

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